Yiorgos Hadjichristou

Architecture Biennale Venice 2018

Interview to Yiorgos Hadjichristou

Yiorgos Hadjichristou is Professor at the Department of Architecture of the University of Nicosia. He established his own Architectural Practice in Nicosia in 1992 and collaborated with various architects, artists and other professionals. He dealt with a wide spectrum of projects ranging from furniture to individual houses, from residential office buildings to urban planning while being engaged with cultural, educational, commercial medical and other buildings. His work included a series of research projects for the assessment of the built and natural environment in Palaichori and Nicosia.  Additionally, he was engaged with a number of the refurbishment of traditional- listed buildings.

He actively participated and got a number of awards in local and international architectural competitions, for the accessibility and the public character of buildings, their bioclimatic behaviour and the sustainability, regeneration projects and the general quality and innovation of the built environment.

His research area in the immaterial aspect of Architecture, the crisis- as generator of innovation and progress, the evolution of the traditional wisdom of architecture, the participatory democracy of people in the formation of the built environment took form in his active participation in conferences, biennale and Triennale, exhibitions and a variety of significant publications.


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