Radionica Arhitekture

Radionica Arhitekture was established in 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia, by Goran Rako.                                                                    Radionica Arhitekture today: Fani Frković, Antonio Jakubek, Tena Knežević, Marin Mišan, Jelena Prokop, Ankica Rako, Goran Rako, Ana Ranogajec, Josip Sabolić, Ivana Stanić

TARAGET  is a research project aimed at identifying, selecting and comparing the architectural careers of the top worldwide architects. Establishing a network for an exchange of experiences and knowledges to investigate the innovative architectural practices that are cleverly (re)shaping the world.The goal is to provide a source of inspiration for younger generations and to highlight cutting edge architecture.

FRAUGH! is an open platform accessible to everyone who has something to participate too. The purpose is to create an international network  to share knowledge and thoughts related to Architecture and Design living.

In collaboration with AIAC – PresS/Tinternazional – PresS/letter 


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